Totally Committed

Max level of commitment. Working towards all aspects of your goals rather than focusing on only one or two elements.

Fully Unattached

The realization and acceptance of every possible outcome in a given situation.

Meaning of the Logo colors


Win, prosperity, success

The color of a winner. This doesn’t mean winning on the pitch, or winning a trophy, or individual award. This means winning the everyday battle of becoming the best player that you can become. Possibilities are endless. Just as we all want to prosper and be successful off the pitch. Prosper and reach YOUR version of success on the pitch


Energy, danger, passion

Always keep a high energy in training so that it translates to games. Have a burning desire to reach your goal with nothing that can get in your way. Passion promotes sacrifice in your decisions to reach your goal or your best version


creativity, enthusiasm

Be creative, develop a play style as a player and take pride in your strengths while also working out your weaknesses. Be yourself and be enthusiastic always. Keep the attitude in training and in your life positive. Show interest in your progression as a player. Find the right balance of work and fun


calm, trust, intelligence

Great things take time, be very patient as long as you’re working hard. Trust the process and perform with an open-mind. Must be willing to learn. Make smart decisions without showing frustration even if you’re wrong

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