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Personalization in soccer training. Creating pristine technical habits through quality in repetition. Focus on your personal path and express total commitment to become the best player that you can be. Love the process whilst being fully unattached to the results.


Change and improve soccer training locally and around the globe by offering a multitude of unique and exemplary training options across all platforms!


– Empathy
– Commitment
– Personalization

Commitment and personal interest in each athlete. Always empathizing with the individual and accepting advice from their point of view. Build a community that hold one another accountable and see all members as teammates. Respect but expect full effort in all the time spent together without fearing the outcome.

Totally Committed

Max level of commitment. Working towards all aspects of your goals rather than focusing on only one or two elements.

Fully Unattached

The realization and acceptance of every possible outcome in a given situation.

Technique, awareness, and VIBES all on a different level. 💥💥

Totally Committed


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All Ages, All Levels
1on1 Training & Small Group

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The Boys are back ™️

#totallycommitted #fullyunattached

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Visual Queue - No support, take the player on. Teammate is on, play and support ‼️

#totallycommitted #fullyunattached

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Distribute, adjust, receive, & DRIVE. Anytime we get a chance to nail down position specific work, we do. Simulating game like situations so that when the time comes we are more comfortable under pressure. 🔥

#Totallycommitted #Fullyunattached

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Almost there 💫⚽️

#Totallycommitted #Fullyunattached

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@gok.molla can absolutely strike one, but sometimes he has to learn to just keep it simple to be effective. Working on quicker releases in less steps and picking out the corners! 💫

#totallycommitted #fullyunattached

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The player not being able to pre determine decisions teaches them how to execute within split seconds ⏰ #Totallycommitted #Fullyunattached ...

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A game of decisions means you need to work on responding to them ⚡️ #totallycommitted #fullyunattached ...

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Timing and adjustment of feet to setup your finish 🔥 #totallycommitted #fullyunattached ...

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Totally Committed, Fully Unattached 🔥

🎥 @edon_greva

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2 Ball passing. Proper body shape and using both feet effectively ⚡️ #TotallyCommitted #FullyUnattached ...

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TC Head Editor @edon_greva with an edit of our most recent post with @colin.veltri & @jacksarkos. 🔥🔥 #Totallycommitted #Fullyunattached ...

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1 Pro and 1 Division one player working through a combination to goal. Lots of moving pieces but at this level the game is complex #TotallyCommitted #FullyUnattached ...

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Full session breakdown - 2015 Baller ⚽️ Tons of touches and challenging decisions #TotallyCommitted #FullyUnattached ...

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Complex Movements on and off the ball. Good tempo, crisp passes, and looking for consistency throughout. @andrewkitchh @charliekitchh @jacksarkos @colin.veltri ...

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Happy Holidays to all!

#Totallycommitted #Fullyunattached

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This is the time to sharpen up for your next season! ⚽️

We’ll be running full time through the winter starting December 12th ❄️ Contact if interested!


🎥- Thanks to @edon_greva for the art!

#TotallyCommitted #FullyUnattached

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Advanced Combinations - 2 Variations, both done in each orientation ⚽️ #TotallyCommitted #FullyUnattached ...

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Collaborating with @prestigesoccertraining to bring you Ball Mastery Sessions in an indoor facility!

Register weekly, all players welcome!

#TotallyCommitted #FullUnattached

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